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Landscape painting of the Tuscan countryside. There are rolling hills, cypress pines, vineyards and villas.


Impressionist Landscape Paintings of country and rural scenes. There is lots of impressionist artwork to choose from, village scenes of Tuscany with vineyards, olive groves, and cypress trees, country cottages and farm scenes with picket fences and hens scratching about. Australian landscape art with soft distant hills. Nature scenes with rivers, forests, creeks and gum trees. 

Below is a small sample of landscape prints on


For the full range of Jan Matson's landscape prints, click the turquoise button below.

Bring the outdoors in with relaxing nature art. Soft rolling hills and landscapes in soothing pinks and greens to suit your home decor or bedroom wall decor. Figures in the landscape will add mystery, romance or a story. There are lots of landscape images and scenic paintings to browse from


The gum trees in spring, landscape painting by Jan Matson.jpg
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