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Colourful Inspiration

A very long panorama beach painting with colourful umbrellas and people facing a turquoise ocean.

I have been painting all my life, beginning as a young child playing with paints and crayons drawing my toys and pets. I have always had a love affair with colour. Later, as an adult I painted landscapes, flowers, street scenes and still life, but my great passion has always been painting beach scenes.


Some of my Australian beach paintings are realistic and recognisable paintings of popular New South Wales and Queensland beaches.  Favourite beaches are Byron Bay for its beautiful sweeping bay and white sands and Currumbin Waters on the Gold Coast. There is an area set aside at Currumbin Beach which is dog friendly and I have taken many photos of dogs frolicking in the waves and the sand. Others I paint frequently are Bondi, Manly and Sydney Harbour. I also love to visit beaches on the New South Wales south coast. Jervis Bay for its pure white sands and emerald green ocean. Broulee, Batemans Bay and Hyams Beach are also very beautiful beaches and ideal for families. To give a painting life and interest I like to include people strolling, jogging or walking their dogs.

I have also painted many United States beaches, including Laguna, San Clemente, Hollywood Beach, Miami Beach, San Diego Beach to name just a few.

Each painting can take days to process, first drawing, refining the composition, the colours and sometimes the number of people. I have never ending ideas just waiting to be expressed in oil paints! I escape from my everyday surroundings allowing the colours, the scent and the sounds of the beach to wash over me and once again I am transported back to those halcyon days of childhood.


I love to visit beaches, take photos and bring back ideas for paintings of seascapes and beach scenes. I never tire of watching the colourful parade, the happy faces of children enjoying a joyful day, the beach umbrellas and the ever changing colours of the ocean. I hope my beach paintings will allow you also to bask in the sunshine while reminiscing past summers.

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