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Paintings are a vital part of decorating and adding interest to your home. We buy an artwork because we fall in love with it, want to add a talking point to our home, set a mood or because the painting has a special meaning for us. Art is a wonderful way to compliment your existing decor and can provide a focal point in a room. If you want to invest in an artwork which will stand the test of time, it might be best to choose a piece which will work in most colour schemes. For a bedroom you may want to choose something which is calming, but for the rest of the house you might want something more fun, eye catching or dramatic. You may want to choose some of the colours of your decor, but there's no need for an exact colour match.

A beach painting can add the finishing touch to a room, add a contrasting splash of colour or tone in with our present colour scheme.

Many of my beach paintings have a joyful theme which I hope portrays my love of beach life.












Grouping your paintings:

Paintings can be framed with a simple, wide frame without glass or mat board and be placed on the wall in an attractive group. It’s best not to hang a small painting on a large wall.  It will look better centred between two windows or furniture. Don’t hang your artwork too high, it should be approximately at eye level. If you want an unframed painting to appear larger, you could add a wide mat board and a narrow surround frame. There is no need to frame a stretched canvas unless you have a home filled with antiques and desire a more formal look. 

It is a good idea to have a practice lay-out with pieces of paper on the floor to see the effect. One way to have a balanced look is to have the centres of the paintings in a horizontal line. They can also be placed vertically on the wall with their centres lined up. If the paintings are all the same shape and size, they can be lined up evenly. If you are grouping your pictures, give the most important painting a central position. With a large group of paintings, it’s well worth grouping them on the floor first before hanging. A single painting should be placed in the centre of the wall if it is above a piece of furniture.

Beach paintings and seascapes make special and unique gifts which create memories lasting a life time.

A diagram of five pieces of blue paper to give a practice lay out of how paintings will appear in a group on the wall.
A panorama beach painting displayed on a wall above a cabinet. The painting features colourful beach umbrellas and people relaxing at the beach.
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