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Oil painting portrait of a happy pink pig on a bright pink background..

Animal and Bird paintings, including rabbits, birds, cows, roosters, cats, fish, pigs, sheep, emu, ostrich, owls, koala, butterfly, bees and more. Cute animals for kitchen wall decor, nursery decor or the animal lover. There are lots of new Australian bird prints added recently!

Below is a very small selection of animal prints from Jan Matson's Animal Paintings Gallery.

Click on the turquoise button below to view Jan's entire gallery of animal and bird prints. has a large selection of Animal Art Prints to choose from. Whether you are looking for happy animal paintings for the nursery, kids room, or kitchen wall, you will find something bright and colorful here. Children of all ages will love some kid's room art of their very own. Open up their life to color and imagination with cute friendly animals!  If you love the happy little pig above, but would prefer a blue or yellow background, or color of your choice, let Jan know. A large, bold and colorful animal painting is sure to be the talking point of your home decor! For the bird watcher and lover, there are lots of Australian native birds as well as some American native birds.


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